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Visionary Innovative Technology Solutions LLC has been founded on the principle of partnering with our clients - customers and candidates alike - to provide a smarter way of working. From an employer's perspective you need a partner to help maximise the value of your most important asset - your people - look no further than the VITS team. Our strong experience across a variety of disciplines backed by an innovative use of technology enables VITS to deliver results that add value direct to your business. Our strength is our people. As all-purpose staffing suppliers, capable of supplying quality staff in a variety of industries, we are able to leverage the incredible wealth of individual skills, unique attributes and personal experience that our people possess, and provide you with a complete staffing solution. You will find no one else more dedicated to the provision of service excellence.

Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things...

We stay on the cutting edge of technology developments so that you don’t have to. We do not believe in a set it and forget it system, our clients are our top priority. We are always striving to be better so our clients achieve more. We offer unique collaboration of software skills, industrial design and IT consulting experience. Our mode is research, review, refine and deliver.

VITS deliver a broad range of Staffing and consulting services that help create valuable relationships between our clients, their customers, employees and regulatory authorities. We as a talent-driven IT firm serve various verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Logistics, Marketing and Advertising.

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Offshore IT Staffing

A dedicated offshore software development team is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. We serves you with the ability to have quality IT resources offshore working for your organization.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing goes by many names - staff augmentation, temporary staffing, contingent labor, consulting. Whatever term you use, it's a recognized and sensible strategy to support your short-term needs and long-term growth. Contract staffing is Company's core business.

Direct Hire Placement

VITS provides complete direct-hire placement services to clients. We make the best possible talent available to you in your direct-hire searches, and use all available avenues to search out and recruit the most talented candidates available.

Project Team Staffing

VITS combines deep technology expertise and operates across the full IT lifecycle. We understand how technology impacts people and processes to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business outcomes with agility

Other Staffing Services

When you need employees to supplement your core workforce, VITS On-Time Staffing delivers. From last minute fill-ins to short-and long-term temporary staffing, VITS provides qualified workers when and where you need them.

Automobile Staffing

VITS has the industry expertise to ensure you have the right people, when you need them. As the largest provider of technical and engineering staffing, We provides automobile staffing to support Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier Suppliers with highly skilled professionals.

Non-IT Staffing

Production schedules don't slow to accommodate temporary skill gaps or a learning curve. You need a recruiting partner who helps ensure you operate at peak performance every day. Our recruiters specialize in placing Non-IT professionals also, whether you need to fill a temporary gap or direct hire talent.

Mechanical Engineering Staffing

Considering the mission-critical nature of their work, identifying, qualifying and placing engineers is one of the most challenging tasks for any staffing service. At VITS, we take great pride in our track record of successfully placing top engineering candidates into the most exacting engineering positions.

Telecom Engineering Staffing

This exclusive focus allows us to provide close partnership with clients and to work quickly and efficiently to find and hire the best and most appropriate Technical Professionals. Our goal is to meet the product development needs of our clients and, at the same time, create a fit for their corporate culture.

Healthcare staffing

VITS Staffing helps you find the right person for the job whenever you need him or her - even if that need is immediate. We have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines to evaluate your company and our applicants that ensure you get the best match every time.

Insurance Staffing

In this erratic job market, VITS realizes how difficult it is to find quality jobs or qualified employees. That is why we always guarantee the high caliber of our clients and the exceptional performance of our candidates.

Pharmaceutical Industry Staffing

For today's Pharmaceutical organizations, finding and retaining the right people to deliver and support key services is a key strategic advantage. VITS has a proven record of success in meeting critical talent needs for today's Pharmaceutical organizations.


We, at VITS, offer comprehensive, cutting-edge services to companies globally. Our dedicated specialists will help you recruit best resources, we offer offshore staffing and consulting services, develop and manage your brand, develop technology solutions for Web and mobile applications, and develop social media solutions. The IT solutions can be developed on a variety of platforms such as Visual Studio and Visual Age. Our dedicated IT staff has expertise in .NET, Java, Oracle, Php, flash, ASP, and many other technologies.

VITS aims to be a one-stop shop for a variety of business needs. All businesses need IT specialists, web specialists, and mobile specialists. Our recruitment staff will help you to recruit the right resource as per the requirement. If you plan to outsource some of the development work to offshore sites, VITS will help you to either recruit offshore consultants, or do the work for you in close co-ordination with your in-house recruitment staff. We will help take a huge load off your shoulders in areas such as recruitment, development, outsourcing vital web-based marketing work, and more.

VITS also has access to experts in mobile technology who will ensure that your business is ready for the latest developments in mobile technology and wireless mobile technology.

All the services we offer are built up on robust, cutting-edge technology. This helps us to leverage digital technology to deliver cost-effective solutions that will improve your bottom line.
Our recruitment process outsourcing services ensure that your human resources department is free to focus on the more crucial stages of the recruitment process, client relationship building, preventing attrition of talent, and other such important tasks. Our skilled sourcers and recruiters will shortlist potential candidates and interview them first before recommending suitable people. By making use of technology, we ensure that the time taken to recruit an employee, especially in specialized fields is reduced significantly. Our recruitment process division has people who focus on every areas of recruitment - from sourcing the right candidates, vetting them, interviewing them, negotiating, helping them secure a H1B visa (in cases as required), to helping them onboard as soon as possible to ensure that they can start adding value to your company and that of your client in as short a time as possible.
In case you want to have offshore consultants working on projects for you, VITS will help you locate the best for your requirements. We also offer you the choice of outsourcing work to us. This will help you to just define the deliverables, the time frame, and costs - leaving us with the work of ensuring that you are satisfied with the final output. Allow us up to 48 hours to run a test and we will provide a solution in a timely manner.


Why Join Us

VITS provide staffing and recruitment services along with technology consulting to more than 50+ clients globally Our skilled & expertise professionals help clients to manage varying skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs to encounter project deadlines. VITS staff augmentation services provide skilled resources which assist clients to develop, maintain, manage and support their applications. Our vigorous pursuit for excellence in hiring, delivery model, work ethics, and approach has enabled us to become a highly trusted & preferred recruitment solution provider.

For any professional it is very important to continually expand their knowledge base. It has been rightly said that when one stops his/her learning, they stop to grow. Just the number of years you have worked do not matter. They are incomplete without a growth in your knowledge and skills. And if you have to acquire those skills yourself, you might as well work anywhere. VITS offers you a chance to constantly learn and grow. We firmly believe that each of our employee continually learns and innovates. We encourage people to find alternate ways to perform their work better and more efficiently. We measure growth and advancement in our organization not just by your success in your job alone. For us you are successful only if you have learned and devised new ways that you can share with your peers. To this effect, we have regular training sessions that will help you get an insight into the upcoming methodologies and technologies. We help you get better and better.

What is the quality / competence of your colleagues and peers already working with the organization? How much does the person sitting next to you know and what insight and learning does he have to offer?
We ensure our employees are constantly growing their knowledge base. This ensures that the person sitting next to you is always at par with the industry and pushes you to learn more and grow as well. We encourage our employees to share their knowledge and experiences with each other to help them grow as well. We have case study sessions wherein every person to share their challenges with the team and help come to a conclusive solution. This results in a policy of "each one teach one" within the organization.

What is the work environment like?
We offer one of the best work environments you will ever come across. We believe in being friendly with our employees and providing them with the best of everything we have to offer. The relationship between employee satisfaction and employee productivity is a very direct one. It is not just our company, its yours too and our growth is dependent upon you too. We understand this and hence make every effort possible to ensure that you feel contended and satisfied in more ways than one. Come join us for one of our office celebrations and you will know for yourself.

Come work with us and feel the difference. We promise you a once in a lifetime experience and the best team and people to work with. See you in the office then !!!


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